Judy began her adventure with words as a three year old, reading magazines cover to cover. In the photograph, she’s pointing to a big word.

The teenage years found Judy obsessed with entertainment magazines, hunting them down at the only drugstore in town.

Today, magazines continue to be some of her favorite things. The difference, she now writes for them.

What launched her writing career?

Being the new kid in school more than once fostered her powers of observation and questioning spirit. These abilities, coupled with a keen persistence and lively writing style afforded her opportunities to write for a number of different media outlets such as magazines, websites, and custom publishers. Some 350 or so bylines later, she can’t imagine any other career for herself other than being a professional writer. Not simply her occupation, she writes out of the essential need to communicate.

She’s dedicated to writing about the environmental through her blog, Living Green Living Well. Check it out. Green practices can help us all live more in alignment with what’s good for the planet and for us all. We become what we practice.

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